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Inventu Viewer+ Single Signon Server Extension

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Configuration File Schema

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The Configuration file InventuSSO.cfg uses a simple Key=Value format.  Any indentations are for readability only and do not impact interpretation.


The # (hash/pound sign) is used to start a comment and can be at the beginning of a line or after the key=value


The Keys do have a specific Schema in that some keys apply to the last "Parent" defined.  This schema is outlined below after the Global Settings table.


Global Settings (Click to Access Detailed Help)







Root folder where user credential files will be stored.



Folder where an audit log of all stored or created credentials will be maintained.



If Yes or True (not case sensitive) - Activates Admin-Free Single Sign-on Mode


Un-quoted Text

Provides a means to use values from connection query string or post values


Un-quoted Text

Simple text UserID or * for signing-on with a Generic UserID



Yes or No (not case Sensitive) for activating detailed tracing


Settings Schema


Host and HostNames - Declare which Host all Following Settings Apply To

oSetDeviceID - Special Template to Calculate LUName/DeviceID/Workstation ID

oSetPasswordRules - Set Advanced Password Generation for AS400/IBMi and Mainframe RACF

oSetPasswordSpecialChars - For Advanced Password Generation set Special Characters

oScreenName - Declare a Screen that all Following Settings Apply To

Recog - One or more to define how to recognize the parent screen

WhenState - State-Based Logic Control of Actions to Take when Screen Appears

LogEvent Action - Log to active Splunk definition

Disconnect Action - Disconnect the Session

Enter Action- Enter the Screen

GetMessage Action - Read a Message from the Screen

PutScreen/SetScreen Action - Set a Field or Text Expression into the Screen

SetField Action - Set the Value of an Active Field

o@GenPW Function - Generate a complex password

SaveCredentials Action - Save Credentials captured with the SetField Action

SetState Action - Set the Active State used for the WhenState Logic