.NET for Host Integration - Inventu Viewer+ Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

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If you are looking to exploit your existing screen-based transactions with new .NET applications, Inventu Viewer+ Studio in concert with Microsoft Visual Studio with the latest .NET Framework is your answer. The API of Viewer+ provides a native, managed .NET library that enables rapid, reliable interfacing in a server architecture to up to thousands of concurrent terminal emulation sessions.

Inventu Viewer+ Studio then provides the elegant definition and implementation of OpenAPI MicroServices or WCF Web Services using simple setup Wizards and straight-forward definitions around your c# object methods and properties.

.NET Application definition and implementation has been made so simple with Visual Studio .NET, it then becomes a matter of how to interface your c# or VB.NET code with the backend screen transactions (such as TN3270, TN5250 and VT100 sessions).

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