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Introduction - SharePoint and Legacy Applications

If you have implemented SharePoint and are seeking additional ways to leverage its productivity and workgroup features, Inventu's Flynet Tools+middleware Solution for SharePoint can expand your options considerably.

SharePoint Users also may need to connect to Legacy Applications using Terminal Emulators

If your users also connect to "green screen" applications using terminal emulators to get their work done, Flynet's InfoPath, Workflow and Webpart Integration can help you move to the next level of productivity and process improvement.

In addition to the Flynet SharePoint integration features, organizations can also slash costly annual maintenance for desktop terminal emulators with the built-in Flynet Terminal Emulator Web Part.

InfoPath Legacy Integration with Flynet Web Services

With the Flynet Viewer advanced recording, modeling and web service generation tools, any work that can be performed using a terminal emulator can be automated and connected to an InfoPath form.

Use Flynet Web Services to Integrate InfoPath forms with Mainframe web services

InfoPath has excellent support for web services and can be both an inquiry and data entry partner to custom Flynet-created and managed web services.

A major advantage to the typical implementation team for SharePoint is that the Flynet Web Service solutions are not proprietary, "black box" implementations; they ready-to-edit Visual Studio Solutions including a Flynet Visual Studio Add-In that directly supports extending and adapting the web services.

Flynet Terminal Emulator Web Part

In this era of reduced reliance on legacy applications, for most users the cost and functionality of a full-blown desktop terminal emulator is unnecessary. Yet, the access to the legacy applications is essential.

Terminal Emulation, host actions scripting and rich data connections

With the Flynet Web Part for SharePoint, one or more terminal emulation sessions can be maintained for a SharePoint user. In addition to terminal emulation, Enhanced ASP.NET web pages are supported, which are customized by a Flynet developer to provide an improved user experience and productivity.

The Flynet Web Part is customized for each host application, with full knowledge of screens and the data contained on them. Full connection support enables custom scripting and data exchange with SharePoint lists as well as other web parts.

Work Flow and Process Improvement

The same web services that can be directly called with an InfoPath form can also be connected to a Workflow item.

Use Flynet Web Services to Integrate SharePoint Workflows with Mainframe web services

By using a work-flow to integrate between InfoPath and the Flynet web services, it is easy to enable highly productive, automated data entry. In the case where there may be errors identified by the host application, the Flynet web service response can be acted on by work-flow logic, routing the entry to a SharePoint user assigned to handle exceptions.

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