Announcing Flynet Viewer 2010 with SharePoint 2010 Host Access Web Part

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New Web Part Connects SharePoint 2010 to Mainframe Host Applications with Latest Flynet 2010 Release

MARKETWIRE: Marblehead Massachusetts, Tuesday, October 26th 2010, Inventu Corporation, developer and supplier of data integration solutions, today announced the availability of Flynet Viewer 2010 With SharePoint Host Access Web Part. The new feature is a must have for developers using Microsoft SharePoint who wish to include data and workflows from core business applications residing on mid-frame and mainframe systems such as IBM Mainframes, IBM AS400/ISeries/i and UNIX systems, in their SharePoint solutions. The new release provides easier and more robust integration of host applications with Microsoft SharePoint web parts, lists, documents and workflows. Developers in government, healthcare, financial, insurance and other industries are turning to SharePoint for better ways to manage data across the enterprise, build new portals, provide integrated views, and improve business intelligence. This has sparked a growing need to bring host data to users through SharePoint to provide a "single unified view." Flynet Viewer 2010 addresses that need with web part generation and advanced emulation capabilities that have been lacking in the marketplace, until now.

"Developers are excited about the potential of SharePoint to provide both complete 360 degree management of data across the enterprise and powerful productivity boosts for users of older applications, including those using so-called green screens residing on host systems. Flynet Viewer 2010 provides an easy to generate web part and advanced emulation solution to help them deliver that single, unified view of the data and create truly integrated portals," says Bill Thorne, President and Chief Software Architect of Inventu.

Flynet Viewer 2010 will help developers achieve a number of tasks that have been difficult in SharePoint before now, such as quickly including terminal emulation users in SharePoint solutions, automating host data integration with Microsoft Office applications, increasing user satisfaction and productivity with better interfaces, and fully integrating host applications with Microsoft development tools without wasted development effort or dead ends inherent in many integration tools of the past.

Mauro Cardarelli, a leading SharePoint consultant who was recently named a top 50 Influencer by Global 360, observes, "For industries with older host systems, an elegant solution for bringing the host data to SharePoint is going to be key for developers. Customers want to build portals in SharePoint 2010, and they have project data that starts in various places like, Oracle, project management systems, and host applications that have been workhorses for the organization for a long time. The goal is to use SharePoint to bring them all together into a single accessible, but highly secure interface. One place where people can see all the project data, all the customer history, payment status, support status, and so on. Flynet Viewer 2010 is leading the way into that segment of SharePoint-centric tools."

According to Bill Thorne, Flynet Viewer’s new SharePoint Host Access Web Part goes far beyond emulation, "It successfully blends enhanced web pages with terminal emulation. Its high-level script editor works like a macro in a terminal emulator. It can navigate and send keystrokes using SharePoint connection fields for the script variables, providing numerous benefits. You can instantly share retrieved green screen data with other Web Parts. For example, an insurance claim on a mainframe can pull-up associated images managed in SharePoint. And right out of the box, you get a thin-client, full-functioning emulator for improved look and feel."

Flynet Viewer 2010 With SharePoint Host Access Web Part demos and free trial downloads are available at

About Inventu Corporation

Inventu Corporation provides state-of-the-art tools for automation, integration, modernization and migration of IBM and UNIX host applications. Our tools provide outstanding value and huge ROI by making it easy and efficient for developers to leverage core legacy applications and integrate them with modern technologies, new platforms, portals, mobile applications, dashboards and leading content management applications such as SharePoint and BPM servers such as BizTalk.

Inventu Corporation is a Microsoft Partner and a member of both the Microsoft Midrange Alliance and Mainframe Migration Alliance. The company was founded by the same development and support teams who created both Flynet Viewer and Screensurfer more than 10 years ago.

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