Inventu Viewer+ Compared to Attachmate VeraStream

Just how long ago did you purchase your Attachmate VeraStream licenses?

A lot has changed in the technology world and what your users and customers expect when they first access your applications!

Move on from Attachmate/MicroFocus

Here are a number of features to compare--the best comparison is to download Inventu Viewer and Try it for yourself...

Native Microsoft .NET IIS Application
Supports TN3270, TN5250 and VT
No Proprietary Macro Scripting
Rapid GUI Test Generation
Easy Project Export for Support
SOAP Web Services
Generated jQuery Ajax Samples
Simulated Host Script Generation and Runtime

Here's what our customers have to say about it:

"With Inventu Viewer+, all the grunt work is done for us. It’s quick and powerful because it takes care of the dirty details like record, map and autogenerate. Inventu Viewer+ even helps us troubleshoot issues."

by Todd Chapman
Enterprise Software Architect - BayCare Health Systems

"Inventu Viewer's multi-threaded architecture and very efficient use of limited resources on the Mainframe have provided significant time and cost savings for our users."

by Steve Hall
Head of the Mobility Solutions Group - Adea Solutions
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