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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


Dispatches generation to a Label, TextDisplay or TextEntry template depending on the objects type (label or field)  and if a field, the current Action property (read, readwrite or write).

 Controlling Properties


Fields will be positioned and displayed on your web page based on the template that you select.  There are actually two types of templates involved in the management of Fields on enhanced Enhanced UI Web pages:  the WebField templates and the WebControl templates.  WebControl templates are each generated once per project and provide the base custom web controls that most of the WebField templates utilize at design and runtime.


The Standard field template will actually use one of two standard templates depending on the data type.  For read action fields, the TextDisplay template will be used while for readwrite and write action fields, the TextEntry template will be used.


For a Label, see the Label Support Section

For a read-only field, see the TextDisplay Section

For a write-capable field, see the TextEntry Section