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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


The Self-Contained Search screen is a type of Multi-row screen that has a unique navigation in that the user changes one or more "search" fields on the screen, then presses Enter or a Function key to refresh the multi-row portion of the screen with the results of the search.


HostThe Self-Contained search screen provides a single view of both search fields and the results for the user.  Unlike other multi-row screens, when the screen is initially displayed, the list is not generally valid until entries are made in the search and the Enter key pressed.
UIWhen displayed in an event-driven environment, this screen will behave the same in the web environment as in the screen environment (user enters search terms then presses Enter for results).  In a workflow or in a web service generator environment, this type of screen must be identified so that logic is setup to enter the search terms, simulate the Enter key, then read the results.



On this screen, the initial display will not display the correct case list--the "Position To" fields need to be entered first, with an Enter key before the list is correct for display or further processing.


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