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NextAction Popups (MessageBoxes)

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The Enhanced UI DHTML framework includes management of modal messagboxes super-imposed as popups over the active HTML page

 Controlling Properties

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The NextAction Popup provides a MessageBox behavior for an ASPX application.  In your Code-behind, you call the RequestNextAction() method and return from any active logic.  Your active form will be redisplayed at the user's browser, with a floating MessageBox above it (using the In-Browser Window Management).  By Overriding the OnNextAction() method, your code can act on the user's response which is pressing one of the buttons displayed.



User preferences for size and location are saved for next display of a particular MessageBox

Standard Buttons are selected in a parameter using the provided FVActionButtons enumeration

Parent ASPX Page Code-Behind receives event notification in OnNextAction method


Useful Methods and Functions:


/// <summary>

/// Display a DHTML popup that is like a Message Box, with a variety

/// of buttons to provide the user a choice of actions to take.

/// </summary>

/// <param name="name">Name of the window, to provide repositioning and saving of position by name at the client</param>

/// <param name="title">Title displayed in the titlebar of the popup</param>

/// <param name="msg">The text to display as the body of the Action Message Box</param>

/// <param name="buttons">One or more FVActionButtons enum values, which can be combined with the OR (|) symbol</param>

protected void RequestNextAction(string name, string title, string msg, FVActionButtons buttons)


/// <summary>

/// OnNextAction is called by the FVPage initialization code if the user

/// has pressed a button in an Action display or as the result of some

/// other action.

/// </summary>

/// <param name="action">Name of the action triggering the event</param>

/// <param name="args">Optional arguments such as button pressed</param>

protected override void OnNextAction(string action, string[] args)