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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


Multirow FieldMaps define fields that occur more than once, in recurring rows on the screen.  Because lists of fields can involve significant logic when spanning more than one screen, Multirow FieldMaps will have unique classes generated to handle the rows.


HostLists of data are presented to the user generally as the result of a search, or as records belonging to a particular category or business entity, such as order lines in an order.
In many cases, actions can be performed on individual rows of a list, such as requesting detail information from a specific row.  On the System i / iSeries / AS400 platform, the subfile is generally used frequently to display lists of data with multiple actions made available against each row.
Since more than one action type can be available for each row, there can be different screens displayed after pressing the Enter key, depending on which action is requested.
UIWhen generating the user interface, the available templates currently support in-line generation which will create a readonly table from the list data, or the use of a special custom web control that utilizes the DHTML Gridview control



Here is a multirow list which includes the ability to select an item to fill-in a field.  The  More...  is what is referred to in Studio as the MoreIndicator field, which is a special field expected to be defined in the default singleton map, to be used to manage page forwards through the data.


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