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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


The Home Screen is included here as an important concept for understanding how your Enhanced UI application's navigation works.


HostThe home screen concept isn't generally considered except in the coding of the host navigation as a user enters and exits the host.  It is typically the top-level application menu screen, or perhaps the Account Number selection screen for such applications as Customer Service.
UIThe home screen can be thought of as the first "real" screen encountered after logging on.  When special transaction-oriented web pages, such as Notebook or Workflow pages are closed/completed, it is the Home Screen that will be next displayed to the user.  In the generated framework, the Home Screen is used as the focal point for navigation; it is where all transactions are assumed to start, and where they end once completed.
Publishing a Home Screen depends on its type--in many instances, you may chose to publish the home screen as an Enhanced Web page, then modify it significantly to make it like a "dashboard" with summaries of status information, graphics and so on.



This home screen is typical of a customer support application, where to start working with a customer, you identify the customer and account to work on.


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