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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


Renders a data entry INPUT html control with a variety of options into the active HTML

 Generating Template


 Source File



The FVEntry control is a server-side ASP.NET control integrated with the active IOBag/IOField data layer objects to support automatic connection with field data read from the active screen(s).  If the data is changed by the user, the corresponding IOField changed flag is set and the field is updated on the active screen depending on method calls into the data access layer's Task object.


In addition to data integration, based on the DynamicCss property, the FVEntry control will support dynamic attributes (color coding based on host logic).  Generation attributes for the corresponding data field determine if code-behind logic controls dynamic visibility (if the corresponding host screen field is hidden, the FVEntry control will have the Hidden attribute set=true).


Automatic Password Support


If the host screen field connected to this FVEntry through the FVField property has host attributes indicating a password-entry field (hidden, asterisks displayed for each character, for example), the generated HTML INPUT control will have type=password instead of type=text.


For more information, see the TextEntry, SelectionPopup and Barcode Detection sections