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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


Renders a date-entry field with accompanying button for a calendar popup into the web page's HTML

 Generating Template


 Source File



Flynet has provided an ASP.NET server-side control to wrapper the excellent freeware calendar DHTML javacript provided by Matt Kruse.  This control was found after a search and has excellent functionality as well as the kind of fast calendar pop-up display performance we all appreciate (and hate when it is missing!).


The CalendarPopup.js file generated in your Scripts folder from the BasePages\Scripts\CalendarPopup.js.cst template is a slightly modified and combined version of the javascript files freely distributed by Matt on his website,  Please note that Flynet has no relationship with Matt Kruse other than recognizing the value of his code and providing it to our customers for their use.  Please direct all support questions to Flynet.


Stylesheet control of the calendars is found in your CSS by searching for .PCAL which is the prefix for all Calendar styles.


Note that each FVDate control has a date format property that provides for formatted translation of various host date formats.  See the DateEntry template documentation for more information.



For more information see the DateEntry Field Template Section