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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


The Exception Screen indicates an error, and is usually exited to return to the prior screen to correct previous entries.


HostException Screens are a simpler version of the Popup Message screen, in that they are displayed by themselves, without any fake "box" characters or being overlayed on the originating screen.
UIBy default, an Exception Screen will have all fields with names starting with "Message" read and published to the originating (previous) web page as a sticky web note.  This behavior can be overridden to that either an Enhanced Web Page (as a popup) or QuickView Web page of the Exception screen (as a popup) is displayed.  To have the Exception screen simply display as with any other screen, do not identify it as an Exception screen (in the NavigationType property of the Screen Definition object).


This Exception Screen is displayed instead of the Account Summary information, because on the prior screen the wrong Company and/or Account was entered...


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