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Flynet 2016 Enhanced ASP.NET UI Application Generator


The Clear screen is a completely empty screen with no text on it.  The cursor is located at row 1, column 1 and the user usually must key a command and press enter to continue.


HostThe Clear screen is a command entry screen that provides a large, unformatted entry area to key a command.  Clear screens are usually only encountered in 3270 (IBM Mainframe) environments.  For most users, the Clear screen is only encountered during logon sequences, where they are expected to know a command or application name to key-in and then press Enter to complete the logon.  3270 Terminals actually have a key labeled "Clear" which is used to "call-up" the Clear screen.  Most terminal emulators have the Pause/Break key mapped to the Clear, but the Esc key may also be the Clear key.
UIMost designers would not include any Clear screen in the design.  Usually, a Hierarchical Menu implementation can provide the same Navigation capabilities as the Clear screen.  If you were to decide to provide an Enhanced Web Page representing the Clear screen, it would be recommended that the most common commands and actions be provided as Action Labels. Also, a TextEntry field defined at row1, column1 for power users that are familiar and prefer a command-line interface.



This Clear screen has had the command "info" keyed, so that the user can press Enter and access the "info" transaction.


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