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The Notebook/Stacked Tab Page is a Web Page that contains one or more filtered UIScreens.  Each of these screens is specified and constructed with a right-click on the UINotebook/Stacked Tab entity.  For each UINotebookTab you add to your UINotebook page, the user will see a visual, clickable tab in the resulting user interface.


Design Guide Reference: Notebook/Stacked Web Pages (includes controlling properties)

UINotebookTab Property Reference: UINotebookTab Properties


 Valid Parent Entity Nodes


 Valid Child Entity Nodes        


Example: Adding a NotebookTab to a Notebook


We add NotebookTab children to an existing Notebook, naming them as we go, so that we have three tabs:







Each Tab on our Notebook has the same ability to add one or more filtered UIScreen entities as the UIComposite Page--in our example, we just will add one screen (filtering is always an option).





We complete adding our Notebook Tabs by selecting at least one UIScreen for each tab:




Each UIScreen that is a child of the UINotebookTab provides the IncludeFilter property, allowing you to customize the fields displayed for each tab.