Inventu Viewer+ MicroServices OpenAPI / SWAGGER Screen Transaction Wrappers

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Design, Code Generation and Integrated Testing for Full-function MicroServices with OpenAPI and SWAGGER

Builds callable MicroServices that wrapper any kind of single or multi-screen transaction. Along with OpenAPI, can also publish multiple Web Service options including SOAP, WCF Services, REST-JSON and REST-XML.

The MicroServices Design and Generation Feature provides a combination of high-level design with strong production-ready generated code. Developers use the provided Design Wizards to create Solutions, Modules and Tasks which when generated create Visual Studio Solutions. Generation options include OpenAPI (ASP.NET WebAPI), SWAGGER, ASMX/WCF Modules and Web Methods.

Inventu Viewer+ MicroService Features

  • Options to generate Inventu-Exclusive MicroServices OpenAPI or traditional ASP.NET SOAP web services, WCF Services / REST JSON / REST XML or all.
  • For OpenAPI Modules, can select the Inventu-Exclusive ScreenAPI which will generate a GET and POST method for each mapped screen. This enables highly flexible "Green Field" UI development in any web development environment that is supported by SWAGGER ClientAPI generation.
  • Generated Application has multiple projects organized around a proven architecture and code set that is in production today in many mission-critical applications.
  • OpenAPI and WCF REST/JSON support creates highly flexible Web Test Harness for all transactions.
  • Task Wizard provides detailed ability to create a wide variety of web services encapsulating complex screen navigation and single or multiple screen updates and/or inquiries.
  • Generates the Inventu Viewer+ Object-Oriented State-based logic which is crucial to enabling highly productive code generation while retaining the ability to modify specific logic elements in Visual Studio through the use of inheritance and c# overrides
  • Provided graphical Viewer of the State-Based Logic provides high-level understanding of how the generated application works
  • Single Task Unit Testing with a GUI application employing tight control by the developer during tests to maximize the productivity of testing. The GUI application is a Visual Studio WinForm application that can be edited and step-trace debugged if necessary
  • Visual Studio Integration loads generated solutions with a menu click
  • Change Capture function - when changes are made in Visual Studio, the capture identifies and provides control to the developer on importing the changes to become a permanent data property in the Flynet project for support of future code generation

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