Inventu Viewer+ UI Upgrade Code Generation

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Inventu's UI Generation Tools give you what you need to modernize green screen user interfaces to a Responsive, Modern Web UI

No wasted effort, no dead-end tools, and flexible options for your project scope. Only enhance the key host screens or workflows you desire while the remaining "unenhanced" host screens are displayed to the user via Inventu's Cloud-Ready Terminal Emulator.

  • A 100% .NET Visual Studio compatible solution with our Unique ASP.NET Screen-to-HTML Technology
  • Easily enhance and update business rules in your applications
  • Optimize user satisfaction and productivity with better interfaces and streamlined access to data 
  • Enhance only the screens you want
  • Thin-client, on-the-fly FVTerm Fast View Terminal lets you continue to use non-enhanced screens
  • Reduce risk and achieve faster ROI by building on existing user interfaces. No major redesign needed.
  • Reduce user training costs and shorten new hire readiness cycles
  • Insulate your .NET code from any future changes to host screens. The Inventu Viewer screen recording, modeling and screen I/O assembly generator guarantees it.
  • With Inventu's "gradual enhancement of your green screen" mentality, you can migrate green screen functions off the host to .NET at your pace and based on priority not arbitrary schedules.

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