Inventu Viewer+ Screen Integration Development: Screen Workflow Recording

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Key to Productivity in Screen Integration is Good Screen Workflow / Activity Recording

Inventu Viewer+ offers three different options for recording how users access, interact and navigate in their screen-based applications.

One thing that sets Inventu Viewer+ screen integration development apart from alternative product offerings is our flexible and thorough support for recording how users work with screens. Our developers can make as many recordings as needed to capture all the needed navigation, messages and exceptions to ensure a highly robust and reliable production runtime.

Feature: Inventu Recorder 2.0

The Inventu Recorder 2.0 was implemented to streamline the act of recording how users work with screen-based applications. It is designed to be used with the Inventu Designer Studio Integrated Development Environment, where the programming tasks occur using high-level wizards and assists.

Designed to work as closely as possible to a standard terminal emulator, Recorder 2.0 removes any need to name screens, identify fields or any other properties.

By removing programming settings, it is easier to make more natural and complete recordings without the distraction of development. Quite often domain experts on applications have limited availability and this optimizes the use of their time.

Feature: Inventu Recorder 1.0

In the beginning, there was the Recorder 1.0, which does capture programming information such as screen names, recognition and (optionally) mapped field names and locations.

We still offer this recorder because it has a special feature to create a Inventu Screen Definitions file directly without the need for additional development tools like Inventu Designer Studio. This enables our customers with Emulation-Only Inventu licenses to still be able to implement screen identification and field mapping, which can be integrated both with the client-side Javascript library and the custom server-side logging.

Product: Inventu Telnet Recorder

The Inventu Telnet Recorder is a no-charge utility to enable installation on a user's desktop or a shared server in order to record actual work being performed with an existing terminal emulator. The enables true-to-life recording of real transactions and is particularly useful when there is an inadequate testing/training environment for the host application. Or when it is more productive to use real transactions for complex data entry than to try to get "dummy data" that works correctly.

Telnet Recorder Features

  • Provides capture of existing terminal Emulation sessions
  • Supports VT, TN3270 and TN5250 protocols
  • Records users doing real work at their own desks
  • Supports multiple, simultaneous sessions by both single and multiple users
  • Produces standard Inventu Recordings to import to Inventu Studio

The Inventu Telnet recorder is available for download from

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