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Inventu Flynet Viewer Configuration Management

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The Inventu Flynet Viewer Emulation Service and the FVTerm Web Terminal Emulation application has many configurable features, options and behaviors.  These have grown over the years to the point where it was difficult for administrators to understand what was available to configure as well as how to configure options.


Originally, configuration was performed with a mix of the Original Administration Console for base emulation service settings (including host connection settings) and a text editor for the FVTerm Web Terminal emulator options controlled with the FVTerm web.config file.


During late 2018, work began on a new, consolidated configuration tool extending the existing but limited high-level FVTerm configurator - the CfgAdmin.htm web page.  This also introduced a new configuration entity for the FVTerm emulator: the Session Profile.  The original Administration Console still provides some configuration of the base service but Inventu recommends the CfgAdmin.htm page as the primary interface for administrators.


Configuration Settings - Finding The Setting

There are many different settings covering different runtime components and behaviors.  Please utilize the Index Tab and/or Search Tab in this help to find the setting you are looking for.


Configuration User Interfaces

When addressing a configuration action, administrators should refer to the following sections:


CfgAdmin Web Page

Original Administration Console

Text Editor - Web.Config

Registry Editor