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Flynet SharePoint Host Access Web Part

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The Flynet SharePoint Host Access Web Part is a customized web part that is created using the full Flynet Toolset.  This set of topics  include a number of action-based "how-to" topics with direct instructions (along with screen images) to assist in the design, development and successful deployment of the Flynet solution in one or more SharePoint sites.


The instructions here are focused on implementing in a SharePoint 2010 environment.  SharePoint 2007 configurations are supported by the tools however, and when possible, mention is given of the techniques used when targeting SP 2007.


Flynet SharePoint Host Access Web Part Benefits


Using the tasks described in this help, the web part can provide the following benefits (and more):


SharePoint users can access mainframe, AS400 and UNIX terminal sessions directly from SharePoint

Host screen user interfaces can be upgraded; improving ease-of-use and integration with other SharePoint resources

Host screens can be scripted and integrated with SharePoint lists and other web parts using the Flynet Web Part Scripting macros


Target Audience


This set of help topics is targeted at business analysts, developers and/or SharePoint administrators.


The sub-topics under the Flynet Activities topic can be performed by anyone with technical skills and a familiarity with the host applications being integrated.


The Visual Studio Activities are best performed by a developer familiar with Visual Studio 2010 and the c# programming language.


The SharePoint Activities are best performed by a SharePoint developer/administrator familiar with implementing new pages, lists, workflows and so on in an SharePoint environment.


If you are like many involved in SharePoint solutions, you can benefit from all three sections and will probably do all the work!