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Inventu Flynet Viewer Product Overview

This page provides summaries of the Inventu Flynet Viewer Family Products and Features with links to pages containing more details

Inventu Flynet Viewer is a modern, server based solution for businesses looking t​​​o connect to host systems such as UNIX, VMS, IBM Mainframe and iSeries. It can be used for terminal emulation, as well as host integration, modernization and migration​.

In addition to its ground-breaking FVTerm Pure Web Terminal Emulation Application, Inventu Flynet Viewer provides organizations with an easily implemented solution for re-use of existing application logic "locked-up" in screen-based applications. It does this through an approach that is based on decades of experience in screen integration technology. With its high value and low cost, starting with analysis on through to full life-cycle maintenance, Inventu Flynet Viewer is the easiest purchase decision available in the terminal emulation market.

Using Inventu Flynet Viewer, developers can create a wide variety of valuable, reusable application components within an organization, such as:

  • Inquiry transactions (inventory on-hand for Web-based order-entry system)
  • Update transactions (health insurance claims entry)
  • User interface renovation (new graphical user interface for an application subset)

The following sections introduce the products and features that make-up the Inventu Flynet Viewer family.

Product: The FVTerm Pure and Secure Web Terminal Emulator Server

Inventu Flynet Viewer’s server based configuration makes it possible to achieve high qualit​​y terminal emulation in a browser; providing users pure html terminal emulation, without any add-ons or installations. The emulations provide lightning fast desktop quality, with automatic font resizing to ensure all content can be displayed as intended.

Product: Base Terminal Emulation Server

The Inventu Flynet Viewer Base Terminal Emulation Server provides high performance server-based connectivity to IBM Mainframes, IBM AS400/iSeries, UNIX/Linux/VMS/PICK Systems supporting thousands of terminal sessions on a single server.

The Terminal Emulation Server is the basic foundation for the Inventu Flynet Viewer runtime environment and includes a variety of tools and utilities for managing the live server as well as diagnosing issues.

Product: Inventu Flynet Studio

Comprehensive Screen Integration Development Environment (IDE) for working with available resources such as screen application recordings and producing complete, production-ready web server applications.

Product: Inventu Terminal Emulation Network Appliance

Solve Large-Scale Web Terminal Emulation Challenges with the Integrated Inventu Network Appliance.

With a single purchase order, you can have a pre-loaded rack-mounted server from one of the three major vendors delivered to your premises.

Feature: Screen Workflow Recorders

With the Inventu Flynet Viewer product family, the first step of developing screen-integration web services or new web screen-replacement user interfaces is to record the screens involved. From signing-on to the system, through selecting menu options and entering search criteria, the Flynet Recorders capture all the activity for use with Inventu Designer Studio.

Feature: The Inventu Code Generation and Runtime Framework

The Inventu Code Generation and Runtime framework leverages object oriented design to integrate and navigate screen-based applications. It provides developers with a tool that exploits the power of code generation without sacrificing the ability to extend and enhance the generated application.

Feature: Web Service Design and Application Generator

Add-in to Flynet Studio provides design of Web Service Solutions, Modules and Tasks which when generated create a complete .NET Visual Studio solution that builds immediately and is ready to edit in the latest versions of Visual Studio.

Feature: ASP.NET User Interface Application Generator

Add-in to Inventu Flynet Studio provides design of ASP.NET Web Pages derived directly or indirectly from screens that have been imported and mapped in Flynet Studio. Generates a complete .NET Visual Studio solution that builds immediately and is ready to edit in the latest versions of Visual Studio.

  • Converts selected fields to a variety of custom ASP.NET web controls
  • Enables splitting screen into separate panels and HTML divisions (DIV's) to facilitate label length expansion without disrupting layout of labels and fields
  • Supports multi-row screen data including AS400 Subfiles

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