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If you have departments that are implementing a variety of SharePoint lists that include data also found in host screen-based applications, the Flynet SharePoint Host Access web part and the Flynet tools and runtimes can provide significant benefits.

If users are swivel-chair keying between their SharePoint lists and forms and a terminal emulator accessing host screen-based applications, the Flynet Row Consumer capability can eliminate not only extra keying but the errors that are ever-present any time a finger taps a keyboard.

How it works: you record the screens that include data also present in a SharePoint list, and then import, identify and map the fields on those screens using the Flynet Studio. Then, you generate a custom SharePoint web part with Flynet Studio and deploy it with Visual Studio.

Once deployed, the Flynet SharePoint Host Access web part is a SharePoint custom web part that includes a row consumer that can be connected to any row provider, such a List web part. When this connection is made, you can add a high-level script (using the Flynet web part's built-in script editor) that is like an event handler on each user's click in the SharePoint List Web Part.

Using the script, one or more screens are navigated to and content from the row that was clicked is optionally copied to screen-based fields (with conversion provided between SharePoint data formats and the data formats of the mainframe).

For more information, be sure to View the SharePoint Custom Web Part Flynet Demo

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