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Development of a custom SharePoint web part using Visual Studio has been improved markedly with the introduction of the SharePoint add-in tools and facilities for Visual Studio 2010. However, this can still be a stretch for developers, particularly those new to c#, Visual Studio, SharePoint or all three!

When you build a new project with Flynet Studio, however, you can shortcut the learning curve for a SharePoint Custom Web Part considerably. The Flynet developers have taken a "model" web part that even includes its own custom properties editor, and using template technology have provided an ability for Flynet Studio developers to generate their own SharePoint Custom Web Part with the following features:

  • Add a Terminal Emulator to your host in any of your SharePoint pages
  • If you have upgraded any screens using our screen-to-html enhancement feature in Flynet Studio, those enhanced screens will automatically appear instead of the terminal emulation screen in the SharePoint Custom Web Part
  • For all screens that have been field-mapped using the Screen Mapping Wizard in Flynet Studio, you can script interactions between SharePoint lists and forms and the screens. This includes navigation between screens.

For more information, be sure to View the SharePoint Custom Web Part Flynet Demo

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